Expert Solutions and Services for Complex Data Problems

At AgilData, we help you get the most out of your data. We provide Software and Services to help firms deliver on the promise of Big Data and complex data infrastructures:

  • AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL – Massively scalable and performant MySQL databases combined with 24×7 remote managed services for DBA/DevOps
  • Trusted Big Data experts to solve problems, set strategy and develop solutions for BI, datapipe orchestration, ETL, API’s and custom applications.



AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL

AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL is an agent based sharding solution that makes the application see many database instances as one database. It is the industry’s first software product that allows database sharding to be applied to existing applications and databases with little or no modification to existing application code.


  • Software or Remotely Managed
  • 100% AWS compatible with no additional compute cycle costs
  • More capacity and performance than AWS RDS
  • OnDemand storage capacity and performance
  • True High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Stream processing plugins offloads event driven data for reporting, monitoring and real time analytics
  • Plus get White glove remote DBA 24×7 allows you to focus on the application
  • Transparent pricing and TCO budgeting
  • It just works … Learn more here




AgilData Can Help

Don’t drown in your data……… AgilData can help. We shine the light on your data with BI analytics, data pipeline and data consolidation services and solutions.

AgilData transforms data architectures and development teams to be agile, flexible and incrementally scalable.

There are lots of tools on the market but finding the right ones and making them work together can be challenging.  At AgilData we believe data infrastructures must be the BEST SOLUTIONS for the job and we have experience selecting and integrating the myriads of tools and components often needed in a complete solution.

Unlike other pure source vendors we can choose the best combination of tools and platforms available combined with our own software and services

Where to Use AgilData?


Complex and Big Data Services

We understand that often an out-of-the-box solution doesn’t fit your needs. Instead of starting with the tools or the technology stack, we start with your goals. What do you want to get out of the data? How can we unlock the data so your company can make better products and better decisions?

Not all complex data problems are Big Data problems. Once we understand your business goals, we pick the best tools to create a data strategy for your organization.

We have the knowledge and Big Data Services to help.

Check out our work.

Gibbs - MySQL Scalability Advisor

Meet Gibbs – “your” MySQL Scalability Advisor

Gibbs MySQL Scalability Advisor is a new online service to help MySQL developers and DBAs:

  • Get the answer for ‘To Shard or Not to Shard’
  • Plan for scale and sharding
  • Diagnose slow performance
  • Optimize schemas and database tables
  • Design a data distribution strategy
  • Understand whether the shard all tables or just the big tables

Gibbs is a service you can run against production, staging or QA and get a detailed report.

It’s easy and you can start anytime. Just login and download the Gibbs Spyglass data capture tool and within 48 hours (or less) you will receive a secure report. All for free.


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