Simple Streaming SQL that Scales

AgilData provides a real-time streaming database platform that simplifies streaming at scale using SQL.

AgilData enables developers to:

  1. Build massively scalable, extensible and performant stream processing pipelines
  2. Interface cleanly with existing databases and message queues using standard SQL.

Led by industry database veterans, AgilData is the new paradigm for how mission-critical applications and services are built and deployed, aligning Fast Data with the Agile Development principles of being lightweight, flexible and incrementally scalable.

Where to Use AgilData?

Why AgilData?

The Agile development movement revolutionized software development driving down costs and shortening release cycles. Features are developed more incrementally embracing change and emphasizing collaboration over rigid processes. But these benefits stop at the data layer. Today’s databases are too rigid and difficult to change.

A truly Agile data platform tailors the data to each application need, handling everything from OLTP, to real-time analytics, to historical reporting. As application needs change, an Agile data platform must evolve gracefully to match the changes in applications enabling the application developer and data architects to deliver new features with ever greater impact to the business.

Fast Data + Fast Features = Fast Company

Every business requires agility to compete. The most AGILE get to market faster with products and services that are better aligned with customer needs and desires. Data infrastructures must support these changing data schemas and new access patterns without requiring downtime and expensive manual effort.

As businesses face ever larger data volumes and higher query velocity, without agility, developers are forced to compensate by adding point solutions and short-term hacks SLOWING DOWN product development and challenging teams to reactively add new skill sets which dramatically increase cost and risk.


AgilData is Here

Gone are the days of “roll your own” stream processing. AgilData is fundamentally based on a distributed commit log and works on a cluster of commodity servers, resiliently scaling horizontally while performing schema updates in real-time for On Demand feature adaptation. It also does:

  1. Real-time sub-second response times
  2. SQL for defining data in the pipeline, with advanced execution planning and operational visualization
  3. DevOps friendly and Docker-ized containers and interfaces with integrated artifact management
  4. Simplifies deploying code into clusters with 100% continuity
  5. Data structure versioning for managing data versions directly within the data system
  6. Acts as a distributed database and a distributed stream processing engine for in-database processing

An Agile Big Data Infrastructure must be Simple, Scalable, Streaming and most importantly, must be SQL.

The Four S's of AgilData


Simple DevEx: Simple Ops, Dev and Analytics.


Predictable horizontal scalability. Industry leading $/performance.


Analyze fast data in motion at high volume, in real time.


Develop data pipelines using SQL. Common skills. Common tools.