10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Rocky Mountain DataCon


10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Rocky Mountain DataCon

In case you haven’t heard, Rocky Mountain Datacon is coming to Denver November 10-11, 2016. We have an incredible lineup of speakers already confirmed this year. As if that isn’t enough, take a look at some of the reasons you won’t want to miss RMDC 2016.

The Obvious but Important

1. Meet experts and influencers face-to-face.  

MySQL creator and co-author Monty Widenius, Colorado-based data scientist Matt Fornito, and MapR’s Ted Dunning will all be speaking. All three of these gentlemen will be delivering keynote talks you won’t want to miss. Combined, they have over 50 years of experience in the data industry. What more could you ask for?

2. Network with the Colorado big data community.

Want to connect with leaders in the local data community? Looking for your next gig? Rocky Mountain Datacon welcomes all experience levels, from the the aspiring big data engineer to the experienced devops specialist or mid-career data scientist. Find your next employee, your next job, or your new work buddy.

3. Enjoy beautiful Westminster, Colorado.

This is a gimme, but Northern Colorado is (usually) pretty darn nice in early November. The weather is in the mid-50s, the mountains are still passable, the hot springs are the perfect temperature and a ski area or two may already have opened up. It is Colorado, so we can’t promise the weather will be nice, but may the odds always be in your favor.


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The Serendipitous

4. Find workshops that can change your life.

Ever had a completely random experience that significantly influenced your life? Maybe you’ll find your next passion, open-source project or contract gig at a workshop that piques your interest. Our speakers and workshops will cover the data spectrum – from startups showing off their latest technology, exciting demonstrations of new open source data stores, as well as opportunities to keep up with the latest in the data industry.

5. Experience New Tools.

Tech begets more tech – some of it will be a passing fad, but some will succeed beyond anyone’s expectations (remember when Docker first appeared five years ago?). Joining us at Rocky Mountain DataCon is a great way to get ahead of the curve on new tech trends and tools! We have a handful of startups and established companies that will be debuting new technology at the event. If you work in data, you don’t want to miss this.

6. Learn new tips and tactics that you didn’t know existed.

What? You can automate half your workflow and be twice as efficient? How about building a killer analytics platform for your business? That’s a real thing you can learn from a conference or even just a workshop.


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The Personal

7. Experience energy of like-minded individuals.

We’ve all hit the work slump. You’re stuck on a project or have no fresh ideas. Conferences like Rocky Mountain DataCon offer you the chance to interact with people just like you that are looking for and giving a little inspiration. And that energy is infectious. RMDC will be full of people looking to improve their business and their technology stack. We promise you’ll get some good ideas and be inspired for change.

8. Break out of your comfort zone.

Very few of us are born networkers. But growth comes from innovation and innovation comes from breaking old ways of thinking and acting. And conferences are the best tools for networking. In fact, we’ve created the Hospitality Hub for you to connect with others. The Hub features free drinks and snacks as well as information about our sponsors and their companies. No matter your role or position, you’ll be able to connect with like minded individuals. We want to make networking easy – and The Hub is our way to do it.

9. Sharpen the saw for your own health.

Remember that Stephen Covey book you read once, are currently reading or have been told to read? Take a break from your day-to-day work, interact with like-minded people, enjoy a coffee or drink and come back ready to re-engage with new ideas and approaches.

10. Invest in yourself so you can invest in your business.

This isn’t so different from number 9, but you deserve the opportunity to invest in yourself to both be more effective at your current job and to create leads for future jobs. Don’t miss the chance to keep up with the latest industry news and changes.

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Kim Hill is a project manager at Agildata. She spends her days ensuring data projects are completed on time and under budget.

Tyler Brooks is a coauthor of this post. Tyler founded Analytive where he helps companies and organizations grow their brands through digital marketing.

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