Why are we here?

Our mission at AgilData is to make developers around the world happier and more productive by simplifying how they work with data.


AgilData started life with a different name. In 2007 Cory Isaacson and Andy Grove founded CodeFutures, bringing years of experience building high performance data pipelines for Wall Street and using it to help companies reliably scale out relational databases using a product called dbShards. Customers loved dbShards and it went on to become a commercial success.

In 2014, we noticed that databases aren’t merely the constraining factor from a performance and operations perspective: they often impose a constraint on the development process itself. Agile development practices have difficulty extending into databases and can run into process roadblocks, pitting DBAs and developers against each other needlessly.

We have the experience and passion to solve this. So…

We re-oriented the company around helping companies be agile with their data as well as their software, which led to a new name: AgilData. We’ve taken our years of experience running distributed data pipelines at scale and our passion for simplifying the developer experience and poured them into a simple-to-use product that lets developers process streaming big data at scale…using simple SQL.

Who are we?

We’re Lean Startup apostles and startup veterans who believe that the right people and the right team are the most important part of a successful company. Our roots are in Colorado, but our team is global. We build distributed systems, and we are one too! Our team is distributed across North America and Europe.

Our Work.

The team at AgilData has diverse talents when it comes to creating solutions that work seamlessly for any industry using a single technology, or even combinations of technologies. Take a look at some of the projects our team of experts have developed along the way specializing in custom apps and schemas. See Our Work

And we are growing….

We are always looking for exceptional people to join us. If you feel that you would be a great fit, but don’t see a job below that fits you, feel free to drop us an email at joinus@agildata.com and let’s chat.

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