AgilData is the new CodeFutures!


AgilData is the new CodeFutures!

While start-ups come and go, success may be measured in many ways.  For numerous customers, one that powered their mission critical apps over eight years, tops their list.  CodeFutures was started in 2007 by longtime database technology developers Cory Isaacson and Andy Grove.

Soon, CodeFutures had 5 of the top 50 Facebook apps using our dbShards product and we became the leader in scaling multi-terabyte MySQL databases. CodeFutures was also a great company to work for, built on a core set of values that we continue to expand on today. We continue to obsess about building a distributed culture that starts with honesty and integrity as a team and with our customers.

Since the CodeFutures name will no longer be in use, we have shut down the website. will continue to be used as a product portal for dbShards ongoing. will be our primary website.

We have also made some changes to our product roadmap. We will be focusing primarily on the AgilData platform which will include dbShards as part of our mission to develop industry leading data infrastructure solutions. However, Firestorm and MapDB are no longer supported.

The stage is set for AgilData to continue to innovate and expand the value we bring to customers building new value streams from their data, shortening development cycles and ultimately reduce their operational load.

To say that we are the same company, with a new name, couldn’t be more true.  With our new mission, and an expanded team, we’re excited to carry the CodeFutures torch, still burning brightly.

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