AgilData Stream Newsletter 4.15.16

April 15, 2016



AgilData Announcing Big News April 19th at Percona Live 2016

AgilData has a brand new online service launching next week on Tuesday at  Percona Live 2016, taking place in Santa Clara.

Here is a little hint … Scaling MySQL is involved. Oh, and this online service is FREE! Be the first to know when it is released. CLICK HERE

AgilData Big News

The Future Of Big Data Is Bigger Than You Can Possibly Imagine

What happens when everything you do is collected as data? It’s either really helpful or really scary (or both). Imagine a world without government, schools, a legal system, law enforcement, or companies. It’s a world unlike the one we currently live in—but based on the evolution of technology and how we use it—representative of what the world may become. READ MORE



Is it possible to make statistical inference broadly accessible to non-statisticians without sacrificing mathematical rigor or inference quality? The default modeling assumptions that BayesDB makes are suitable for a broad class of problems, but statisticians can customize these assumptions when necessary. BayesDB also enables domain experts that lack statistical expertise to perform qualitative model checking and encode simple forms of qualitative prior knowledge. READ MORE


What Software Engineers Earn Compared to the General Population

In this notebook we’ll compare the median annual income of software engineers to the average annual income (GDP per Capita) in 50 countries. It’s shown how to scrape the data from a web page using lxml, turn it into a Pandas dataframe, clean it up and create scatter and bar plots with matplotlib to visualize the general trend and see which countries are the best and worst for software engineers based on how much they earn compared to the average person. READ MORE


ZeroDB Ultra Secure, Usable Storage

ZeroDB provides end-to-end encryption while maintaining much of the functionality expected of a modern database, such as full-text search, sort, and range queries. Additionally, ZeroDB uses proxy re-encryption and/or delta key technology to enable secure, granular sharing of encrypted data without exposing keys to the server and without sharing the same encryption key between users of the database. Get access to the whitepaper and the software here. READ MORE


Abandoning Gitflow and GitHub in favour of Gerrit

GitHub is the go-to place to host your open source projects, that much is well known. A lot of companies also use their paid plans to get the ecosystem around GitHub for their own code. Why would you want to use anything else? We took the decision to move away from GitHub and in the end we benefitted hugely! READ MORE


Green Flash’s Growth Brewed in the Cloud

Mike and Lisa Hinkly, founders of Green Flash Brewery, set out with one goal in mind: to start a brewery with a beer-first mentality. They partnered with brewmaster Chuck Silva and began to develop the definitive West Coast style of beer, thus Green Flash’s West Coast IPA was born in 2002. It was received with open mugs by the craft beer community and launched their company into the innovative brewery they are today. READ MORE


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