AgilData Stream Newsletter 4.29.16

April 29, 2016



Apache Spark: RDD, DataFrame or Dataset?

Apache Spark is evolving at a rapid pace, including changes and additions to core APIs. One of the most disruptive areas of change is around the representation of data sets. Spark 1.0 used the RDD API but in the past twelve months, two new alternative and incompatible APIs have been introduced. Spark 1.3 introduced the radically different DataFrame API and the recently released Spark 1.6 release introduces a preview of the new Dataset API. CLICK HERE

Spark RDD Dataframe or Dataset

Gibbs MySQL Scalability Advisor

A new free online service to help MySQL developers and DBA’s. LEARN MORE & TRY


Bots Won’t Replace Apps. Better Apps Will Replace Apps

Lately, everyone’s talking about “conversational UI.” It’s the next big thing. This recent “bot-mania” is at the confluence of two separate trends. One is agent AIs steadily getting better, as evidenced by Siri and Alexa being things people actually use rather than gimmicks. The other is that the the US somehow still hasn’t got a dominant messaging app and Silicon Valley is trying to learn from the success of Asian messenger apps. READ MORE


Rolls-Royce Chooses Microsoft Azure For IoT Engine Monitoring

Aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce is set to use Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite alongside Cortana Intelligence Suite to offer airlines operational intelligence about the company’s engines. Aircraft engines are a prime example of IoT in industry. Rolls-Royce’s engines have hundreds of on-board sensors that send gigabytes of data back to airlines and aircraft manufacturers each flight. READ MORE


Inside Capacitor, BigQuery’s Next-Generation Columnar Storage Format

The “BigQuery under the hood” blog post gave an overview of different BigQuery subsystems. Today, we’ll take a deeper dive into one of them — the storage system. We’ll follow data as it’s loaded into a BigQuery table.BigQuery supports several input formats — CSV, JSON, Datastore backups, AVRO — and when they’re imported, data is converted into our internal representation. READ MORE


MIT Reveals AI Platform Which Detects 85 Percent of Cyberattacks

Today’s cybersecurity professionals face daunting tasks: protecting enterprise networks from threats as best they can, damage limitation when data breaches occur, cyberforensics and documenting the evolution and spread of digital attacks and malware across the world. Could a new artificial intelligence platform change this? MIT researchers believe so. READ MORE


Power tools: Sorting Through The Crowded Specialized Database Toolbox

When you think of game development, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t a database. But in the world of Jamaa, the setting for WildWorks’ massively multiplayer online kids’ game Animal Jam, a database keeps millions of cartoon animal characters frolicking and the cartoon trees from crashing down. READ MORE


Shut Up, Imposter Syndrome: I Too Can Program

Whether you call it imposter syndrome or simply your jerkbrain acting up, we all have our moments of feeling like a fake and that, someday, everyone will find out. And at it turns out, one of the professions most prone to imposter syndrome is software development. Programmer Tommy Refenes, one of the developers behind the hit game Super Meat Boy, spoke earlier this year at the Game Developers Conference on the condition. READ MORE


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