AgilData Stream Newsletter 5.13.16

May 16, 2016



Booth Babes Are Out, Cosplay Is In

Is seems clear that Booth Babes at tech industry trade shows are finally out.  The culture has dramatically shifted and anyone that crosses that line risks negative reactions at the show and even bigger fallout on social networks as people pile on with objection and outrage.  The risks exceed the rewards if there ever were any in the first place. CLICK HERE


Announcing SyntaxNet: The World’s Most Accurate Parser Goes Open Source

Google has shared the fruits of their research with the broader community by releasing SyntaxNet, an open-source neural network framework implemented in TensorFlow that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) systems.  The release includes all the code needed to train new SyntaxNet models on your own data, as well as Parsey McParseface, an English parser trained for use analyzing English text. READ MORE


Creating a serverless ETL nirvana using Google BigQuery

Quite a while back, Google released two new features in BigQuery. One was federated sources. A federated source allows you to query external sources, like files in Google Cloud Storage (GCS), directly using SQL. They also gave us user defined functions (UDF) in that release too. Essentially, a UDF allows you to ram JavaScript right into your SQL to help you perform the map phase of your query. Sweet! READ MORE


Apache Hadoop – The Data Management Platform for IoT

While a lot of attention and focus up until now has been on the things or objects, Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t going about the things itself or connecting these things to the Internet. IoT is really going to be all about data. With 30+ billion things connected, IoT will drive an explosion of data that will need to be stored, processed, analyzed, and served, in some cases in real time to drive business value. READ MORE


Github Announces Unlimited Private Repositories

One of the very best things about Git and other distributed version control systems is the ability to create a new repository without asking permission or getting approval. While this has always been true for our public plans, it hasn’t been the case for individuals and teams working together in private. Paid plans on now include unlimited private repositories. GitHub will always be free for public and open source projects, but now there are just two ways to pay for READ MORE


Overview of Apache Spark and How it Works

Apache Spark began as a class project in UC Berkeley’s AMPLab in 2009. During an interview with Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley professor and databricks CEO, it was revealed the project’s goal was to create a cluster management framework that was capable of supporting different kinds of cluster computing systems. Following the creation of Mesos, AMPLab students wanted to take the framework one step further, resulting in the creation of Spark. Read on for real-world applications Spark offers. READ MORE


Is Your Startup Idea Already Taken?

There’s an ongoing joke in the startup world about how aspiring founders pitch their new ventures. Every startup idea is reduced to an “Uber for _____” or a “Tinder for _______”, where some niche untapped market is inserted in the blank space.  Much to the chagrin of many venture capitalists, this formulaic phraseology is so pervasive that it actually may hinder the creation of any actual original ideas. READ MORE


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