AgilData Stream Newsletter 5.27.16

May 27, 2016



Conference Hack: Saying Yes to Impossible Speaking Presentations

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with Graham McBain at Galvanize and he asked if I would be interested in giving a talk at IBM’s Datapalooza conference in Denver. Given that I’m always looking for ways to help Denver’s growing big data and data science communities (ahem, and because we help data scientists with our big data services), I thought it was a great opportunity, but…it was only two weeks away… one week of which I spent in airplanes and hotels…I had nothing prepared specifically for Data Scientists… we had to deliver the final results of a 6 month customer project…..and we launched a new product: AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL all in the same two weeks. Yikes. CLICK HERE

If you’re in a hurry, here are the slides for our talk.

If you’re in a hurry, here are the slides for our talk.


Help Design The First Annual Rocky Mountain DataCon!

The Boulder/Denver Big Data Meetup has been serving the Colorado big data community for 5 years. This Fall, we want to mark the occasion by putting on a full conference dedicated to Big Data.

In order to make sure we’re bringing you the right content, we need your help! Take this short survey to help us design this conference. TAKE SURVEY


AgilData Launches: Scalable Cluster for MySQL with Remote Managed DBA Services

Our newest offering, AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL, is the industry’s first software product that allows database sharding to be applied to existing applications with little or no modification to existing application code. Applications using AgilData Scalable Cluster seamlessly connect to multiple databases where data is partitioned based on a sharding strategy. READ MORE


Open Sourcing Twitter Heron

Last year we announced the introduction of our new distributed stream computation system, Heron. Today we are excited to announce that we are open sourcing Heron under the permissive Apache v2.0 license. Heron is a proven, production-ready, real-time stream processing engine, which has been powering all of Twitter’s real-time analytics for over two years. Prior to Heron, we used Apache Storm, which we open sourced in 2011. Heron features a wide array of architectural improvements and is backward compatible with the Storm ecosystem for seamless adoption. READ MORE


Urika-ka-ka-ka! Cray Unveils Open Source Big Data Box

Supercomputer shop Cray is branching into analytics with tailored high-end systems packing open-source number-crunching software. Cray Tuesday unveiled the Urika-GX ticking some of the best-known technology boxes and due in the second-half of 2016. The Urika-GX is preinstalled with OpenStack and Apache Mesos for cloud and data-center abstraction, Spark and Hadoop for big analytics. READ MORE


NoSQL Keeps Rising, but Relational Databases Still Dominate Big Data

NoSQL promised to upend the database market as big data forced a sea change in how we think about and manage data. Several years into the big data revolution, that promise remains unfulfilled. Oh, sure, NoSQL is having an impact on the $46 billion database market—still just 3% of the market, but growing at a rapid pace even as more traditional relational databases inch up by 5.4%, according to IDC. READ MORE


Chicago Police Try to Predict Who May Shoot or Be Shot

Whether you call it imposter syndrome or simply your jerkbrain acting up, we all have our moments of feeling like a fake and that, someday, everyone will find out. And at it turns out, one of the professions most prone to imposter syndrome is software development. Programmer Tommy Refenes, one of the developers behind the hit game Super Meat Boy, spoke earlier this year at the Game Developers Conference on the condition. READ MORE


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