AgilData Stream Newsletter 6.10.16

June 10, 2016



Data Pipelines with Alooma for BI Analytics

In the world of Big Data, the increasingly common task of pipelining data from disparate data sources into an OLAP friendly medium can quickly get complex and messy, especially when there are multiple data sources. This article is for the teams who are not already moving terabytes of data and therefore not familiar with the tooling required. CLICK HERE


Packet Capturing MySQL with Rust

Recently, AgilData launched the Gibbs MySQL Scalability Advisor, a free self-service tool that allows users to capture a live stream of queries to be uploaded to Gibbs and analyzed by AgilData’s experts. Spyglass is the database traffic capture tool for Gibbs. Built using the Rust programming language, it provides exceptional performance for profiling your MySQL database. (and it is Open Source). READ MORE


Learn Docker by building a Microservice

If you are looking to get your hands dirty and learn all about Docker, then look no further! In this article I’m going to show you how Docker works, what all the fuss is about, and how Docker can help with a basic development task – building a microservice. We’ll use a simple Node.js service with a MySQL backend as an example, going from code running locally to containers running a microservice and database. READ MORE


Microsoft Announces Major Commitment to Apache Spark

This week in San Francisco, thousands of people are at Spark Summit, to explore and understand how they leverage Apache Spark to get the most out of big data. Building on our previous investments, today we are announcing an extensive commitment for Spark to power Microsoft’s big data and analytics offerings including Cortana Intelligence Suite, Power BI, and Microsoft R Server. READ MORE


The Path to Rust

About six months ago, I started my first large-scale Rust-based project. I’d dabbled with the language in its early days, but back then it was a different beast, and not particularly approachable. I decided to try again, and I’m glad I did. Rust is quickly becoming my favorite language for all systems work (which is most of what I do anyway), and has largely replaced both Go, Python, and C/C++ in my day-to-day. Rust helps you avoid a lot of silly mistakes while also being expressive, flexible, and fast. READ MORE


Differences in Spark Implementations & Why They Matter

Spark has become one of the most widely supported big data technologies, with quite possibly the fastest-emerging ecosystem out there. In fact, according to KDNuggets, it is now the largest open source data processing project, with more than 750 contributors from over 200 organizations. Why is it so popular? In part, it’s because Spark exposes several different interfaces. READ MORE


How to Write a README That Rocks

Developers love to share code in the form of packages, full apps, or tiny modules. Sharing is great, but one area that a lot of developers forget about is the readme file. This file is now arguably one of the most important pieces for your project and one that a lot of users don’t spend any time on. A README first started as a guide for developers. You would access it after downloading the code, and it would show instructions related to configuration, installation, copyright, troubleshooting, and more. READ MORE


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