AgilData Stream Newsletter 6.24.16

June 24, 2016



Mesos Docker Tutorial: How to Build Your Own Framework

In the world of Big Data, the increasingly common task of pipelining data from disparate data sources into an OLAP friendly medium can quickly get complex and messy, especially when there are multiple data sources. This article is for the teams who are not already moving terabytes of data and therefore not familiar with the tooling required. CLICK HERE

Mesos Docker

How The ETL Bottleneck Will Kill Your Business

The Genie system is all about matching workloads with respect to an execution environment. The ETL/data engineering bottleneck can be broken when you are able to increase your ability to achieve the following goals: Increase self-service, Reduce demand for ETL, Reduce technical debt, Reduce administrative overload, Increase operational reporting and analytics, Optimize execution environments … READ MORE


AgilData Builds New AdPro® Scorecard Tool for APR

AgilData partnered with APR to create this customized tool to manage the massive amounts of data being collected and reported. Too often in advertising, data is housed in disparate places making it difficult for advertisers to track their costs. The AdPro Scorecard® changes all of that, aggregating and synthesizing production & supplier costs, all in one place. READ MORE


Big Big Data: Microsoft/LinkedIn Could be a Privacy Fiasco

Organizations running Hadoop in production can ensure that high-priority jobs complete on time, every time. The growth of Apache Hadoop over the past decade has proven that the ability of this open source technology to process data at massive scale and allow users access to shared resources is not hype. However, the downside to Hadoop is that it lacks predictability. Hadoop does not allow enterprises to ensure that the most important jobs complete on time, and it does not effectively use the full capacity of a cluster. READ MORE


Prioritize Predictable Performance in Hadoop

About six months ago, I started my first large-scale Rust-based project. I’d dabbled with the language in its early days, but back then it was a different beast, and not particularly approachable. I decided to try again, and I’m glad I did. Rust is quickly becoming my favorite language for all systems work (which is most of what I do anyway), and has largely replaced both Go, Python, and C/C++ in my day-to-day. Rust helps you avoid a lot of silly mistakes while also being expressive, flexible, and fast. READ MORE


Big Data is Changing the Game for Backup and Recovery

It’s well-known in IT that when you change one part of the software stack, there’s a good chance you’ll have to change another. For a shining example, look no further than big data.  First, big data shook up the database arena, ushering in a new class of “scale out” technologies. That’s the model exemplified by products like Hadoop, MongoDB, and Cassandra, where data is distributed across multiple commodity servers rather than packed into one massive one. READ MORE


Facebook and Microsoft Are Laying a Giant Cable Across the Atlantic

Dubbed MAREA—Spanish for “tide”—this giant underwater cable will stretch from Virginia to Bilbao, Spain, shuttling digital data across 6,600 kilometers of ocean. Providing up to 160 terabits per second of bandwidth—about 16 million times the bandwidth of your home Internet connection—it will allow the two tech titans to more efficiently move enormous amounts of information between the many computer data centers and network hubs that underpin their popular online services. READ MORE


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