AgilData Stream Newsletter 7.8.16

July 8, 2016



10 Reasons We Like Kudu as Part of Your Big Data Strategy

AgilData is an early adopter, implementer and operator of Kudu using it for one of the first production sites at a leading Insurance Analytics company.  We are contributing code to the project, as we go, having added a considerable performance improvement to the Java driver. And we are in the middle of ongoing project for TPC-H benchmark tests using Kudu with Spark which have led to many learnings and tooling capabilities around deployment, devops, monitoring, tuning and query optimization. READ MORE

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Data is Currency, Invest Wisely

Today enterprises accumulate data at ever-rising volumes and ever-rising velocities. Whether you’re talking about data from corporate systems, the Internet of Things, or social media, the flow never stops. While it brings its share of challenges, this constant stream is actually a good problem to have. There is intrinsic value in all of those bits and bytes. READ MORE


Lossless Compression With Brotli in Rust for a Bit of Pied Piper on The Backend

Inspired by Pied Piper, we created our own version of their algorithm Pied Piper at Hack Week. In fact, we’ve extended that work and have a bit-exact, lossless media compression algorithm that achieves extremely good results on a wide array of images. READ MORE


Use Apache Spark? This Tool Can Help You Tap Machine Learning

Finding insight in oceans of data is one of enterprises’ most pressing challenges, and increasingly AI is being brought in to help. Now, a new tool for Apache Spark aims to put machine learning within closer reach. Sparkling Water 2.0 is a major new update from that’s designed to make it easier for companies using Spark to bring machine-learning algorithms into their analyses. READ MORE


How We Reindexed 36 Billion Documents in 5 Days Within The Same Elasticsearch Cluster

Last week, we decided to reindex a 136TB dataset with a brand new mapping. Updating an Elasticsearch mapping on a large index is easy until you need to change an existing field type or delete one. Such updates require a complete reindexing in a separate index created with the right mapping so there was no easy way out for us. READ MORE


Finding Time to Become a Better Developer

There’s no time for anything. At least that’s how it feels doesn’t it? I used to think that the only way to be a great developer was to work myself sick. My health, friendships, and family all suffered because of it. Understanding the following 5 truths about time management for a developer is what saved me. READ MORE


Younger Generation Optimistic About Big Data, Study Says

IT professionals aged 18 to 34 are much more optimistic than their elders that “big data” analysis will fundamentally change how business is conducted in the next few years, according to an IDG Enterprise survey. Older IT professionals were more skeptical about the transformative power of big data, the survey found. Why? READ MORE


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