AgilData Stream Newsletter 8.5.16

August 5, 2016



Apache Spark 2.0 API Improvements: RDD, DataFrame, Dataset and SQL

Following on from our previous blog post about Spark, here is an updated guide to the main Scala and Java APIs for the recently released Spark 2.0 Let’s start with the good news, and there are plenty. READ MORE

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Big Data – Quantity vs Quality? Quality Wins Every Time!

Data is a central part of smart business decisions today, so it can be tempting to think it’s important to collect everything and anything when it comes to data. But gathering huge amounts of information isn’t always the right strategy when mining for insights that truly matter. READ MORE


Business Intelligence Analytics is the Future of SaaS

The Internet debuted way back in 1984, when it connected more than 1000 hosts at university and corporate labs. It took the World Wide Web almost 15 years to grow to 50 million users. In 2009, there were more than a billion users around the world, and now, seven years later, we have almost 3.5 billion users according to Internet Live Stats. READ MORE


Big Data Security is a Big Mess

Given the pace at which big data software is released, coupled with the sheer volume of data under management, the big data market is ripe for massive security breaches. It’s only a matter of time. In fact, as a Gartner survey last year uncovered, very few companies have taken security seriously for essential infrastructure like Hadoop. At that time, a mere 2 percent of respondents cited Hadoop security as a significant concern. READ MORE


AWS Revenue – As I Predicted Blowing Past $10 Billion in Revenue

AWS pulled in $2.88 billion in revenue in the quarter, putting it on an $11.5 billion annual run rate, easily exceeding the $10 billion target CEO Jeff Bezos set late last year. AWS earnings were $718 million in the quarter with healthy margins of nearly 23 percent. The results helped propel to a record $857 million in net income, or $1.78 per diluted share, on $30.40 billion in revenue. READ MORE


8 Tips to get More Bang for Your Big Data Convergence Bucks

CIOs and other IT decision-makers are used to having to do more with less. In the world of big data, they may be able to achieve orders-of-magnitude cost savings and productivity gains due to the convergence of development, IT ops and business intelligence (BI) strategy, exploiting advancements in open source software, distributed computing, cloud economics and microservices development. READ MORE


The Big Deal About Big Data for Small Business

How important is securing your big data environment? Watch Ajit Gaddam at Black Hat 2015 speak about security risks and threat models, big data security framework, successes failures, and best practices. READ MORE



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