Become a Data Driven Business With Chartio and Amazon Redshift – Part 1

Become a Data Driven Business With Chartio and Amazon Redshift: Part I Becoming a Data Driven Business starts with a solid BI strategy.  Initial findings from new MIT research show that companies with data-driven decision making environments had 4% higher productivity and 6% higher profits than other businesses did. This according to Andrew McAfee, a…

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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Rocky Mountain DataCon

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Rocky Mountain DataCon In case you haven’t heard, Rocky Mountain Datacon is coming to Denver November 10-11, 2016. We have an incredible lineup of speakers already confirmed this year. As if that isn’t enough, take a look at some of the reasons you won’t want to miss RMDC 2016….

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From MySQL to MariaDB: Monty’s Wild Ride

Ten Reasons to See Monty’s Keynote at Rocky Mountain Datacon At Rocky Mountain Datacon, we have an incredible roster of speakers. One of them you don’t want to miss is Monty from MariaDB. If you’re unfamiliar with Monty, he’s a name you should know and here’s why: Reason 1: Monty founded and led one of…

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Data Pipelines with Alooma for BI Analytics

Data Pipelines with Alooma for BI Analytics. Making it Simple In the world of Big Data, the increasingly common task of pipelining data from disparate data sources into an OLAP friendly medium can quickly get complex and messy, especially when there are multiple data sources. This article is for the teams who are not already…

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Packet Capturing MySQL with Rust

Packet Capturing MySQL with Rust Recently, AgilData launched the Gibbs MySQL Scalability Advisor, a free self-service tool that allows users to capture a live stream of queries to be uploaded to Gibbs and analyzed by AgilData’s experts.  Spyglass is the database traffic capture tool for Gibbs. Built using the Rust programming language, it provides exceptional…

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Booth Babes Are Out, Cosplay Is In

Booth Babes Are Out, Cosplay Is In It seems clear that Booth Babes at tech industry trade shows are finally out.  The culture has dramatically shifted and anyone that crosses that line risks negative reactions at the show and even bigger fallout on social networks as people pile on with objection and outrage.  The risks…

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Apache Spark Cluster Managers: YARN, Mesos, or Standalone?

Which Apache Spark Cluster Managers Are The Right Fit? YARN, Mesos, or Standalone? Trying to decide which Apache Spark cluster managers are the right fit for your specific use case when deploying a Hadoop Spark Cluster on EC2 can be challenging. This post breaks down the general features of each solution and details the scheduling,…

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SQL on Hadoop The Differences and Making the Right Choice

SQL on Hadoop : The Differences and Making  the Right Choice Whether you are on Hadoop now or considering making the leap, this article will help you understand the various SQL on Hadoop tools, how they compare, and how they stack up against each other.  The powerful (and ever growing) ecosystem of Hadoop is, and…

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Behind the Scenes of dbshards MySQL Database Sharding: Part 2

Behind The Scenes of dbShards MySQL Database Sharding: Part 2 In this new series of posts, we explore the day-to-day operations of AgilData’s Remote Managed Services, supporting sites running dbShards, a MySQL database sharding product provided by AgilData. There is so much more than just highly scalable software that goes into operating a web or…

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Dan is an entrepreneur, technologist, teacher and technical leader with 16 years of experience in the software industry.

Dan speaks frequently at open source & big data events with entertaining perspectives on using technology to solve messy data wrangling and scalability challenges. Previously, Dan was the Founder & CTO at FullContact, a contact management startup focusing on fuzzy match and record linkage problems. Dan is a Techstars alumnus, an accomplished speaker, and is actively involved in the Colorado software community, serving as an organizer for the Denver Real-time users group and the Boulder/Denver Big Data users group.