Behind the Scenes of dbshards MySQL Database Sharding: Part 1

Behind The Scenes of dbShards MySQL Database Sharding: Part 1 In this two-part series of posts, Behind the Scenes of dbshards MySQL Database Sharding, we explore the day-to-day operations of supporting sites running dbShards. There is so much more than highly scalable software that goes into operating a web or phone application, and what better…

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Dan is an entrepreneur, technologist, teacher and technical leader with 16 years of experience in the software industry.

Dan speaks frequently at open source & big data events with entertaining perspectives on using technology to solve messy data wrangling and scalability challenges. Previously, Dan was the Founder & CTO at FullContact, a contact management startup focusing on fuzzy match and record linkage problems. Dan is a Techstars alumnus, an accomplished speaker, and is actively involved in the Colorado software community, serving as an organizer for the Denver Real-time users group and the Boulder/Denver Big Data users group.