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Chances are, you don’t really need a NoSQL database. Highly-available scale-out MySQL can support your business for much longer than you ever thought possible.

MySQL is fast. As of MySQL 5.7, it’s even faster. Businesses are successfully leveraging the advances in the core MySQL engine to meet their performance requirements. AgilData completes the picture, delivering an end-to-end solution to scale MySQL beyond a single machine, to automatically mitigate hardware and network failures, and to ensure application and analytics needs are met by optimizing both queries and data access patterns.

A solution like this can’t rely solely on software. Real expert human intelligence is needed to diagnose issues, to respond to issues, and to optimize performance. AgilData’s team of 24×7 experts provides complete DBA and DevOps services for AgilData’s Scalable Cluster for MySQL solution. We run some of the largest games and global web properties and can help you too. Our customers call on us to augment their teams as internal embedded resources and for advice on architecture, data strategies, streaming and data pipelines. When things get complicated chances are good that we’ve already been there.

The end result is that businesses are able to use the AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL to achieve a fully-managed data infrastructure, either on premise or in-cloud, that bridges the gap between relational SQL database and non-relational NoSQL or NewSQL databases.

Our fully managed scalable MySQL allows you to delegate ongoing DBA costs while gaining all the benefits from having 24×7 experts running your data infrastructure. Good Database Administrators (DBAs) are expensive and you often don’t need one full time.

With AgilData on your team you can focus on delivering value for your customers and skip the distraction of managing your data infrastructure.

Use Cases

The AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL suite includes:

  • Database sharding
  • Failover/replication for HA
  • Migration Tools
  • Data Streaming Agents


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