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AgilData Zero: Zero-Knowledge Encryption for MySQL

AgilData Zero: Zero-Knowledge Encryption for MySQL Today we are announcing a new open source project for protecting MySQL databases from security breaches. The scale and frequency of data security breaches crowd the news these days and are impacting the largest brands – both from brand reputation damage and often a direct financial impact due to…

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Building a scalable MySQL Proxy in Rust

Building a scalable MySQL Proxy in Rust At AgilData, we have many years of experience running production MySQL infrastructures at scale. We run a 64 server sharded MySQL cluster for Pokémon GO for example. One component of our AgilData Scalable Cluster infrastructure is a MySQL proxy server, written in Java, that intercepts queries and executes…

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Packet Capturing MySQL with Rust

Packet Capturing MySQL with Rust Recently, AgilData launched the Gibbs MySQL Scalability Advisor, a free self-service tool that allows users to capture a live stream of queries to be uploaded to Gibbs and analyzed by AgilData’s experts.  Spyglass is the database traffic capture tool for Gibbs. Built using the Rust programming language, it provides exceptional…

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Keep it Lean: You Aren’t Ready for Scrum

You Aren’t Ready For Scrum As startups grow, most engineering teams hit a point where they find it necessary to add some amount of process to keep things in order. Often, they jump from no process directly into a relatively-heavy process such as Scrum. While Scrum works very well for projects with mature architectures, it…

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Apache Spark Cluster Managers: YARN, Mesos, or Standalone?

Which Apache Spark Cluster Managers Are The Right Fit? YARN, Mesos, or Standalone? Trying to decide which Apache Spark cluster managers are the right fit for your specific use case when deploying a Hadoop Spark Cluster on EC2 can be challenging. This post breaks down the general features of each solution and details the scheduling,…

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