Engagement – MySQL Optimization and Big Data Solutions

Big Data Applications, Infrastructures and Operations


Just getting started or about to commit to a plan?  Let AgilData provide early phase technical services and planning services spanning architecture review to development approach.  We have the expertise to ensure your plan-of-record utilizes the best practices of modern data infrastructure deployments with a strong focus on transforming your team’s development practice in time to ensure a successful project.

• Solution architecture evaluation and review
• Technology selection
• Engineering transformation
• Data Architecture
• Data Modeling
• Data Format Translation
• RDBMS Schema Design
• Application design, development and testing

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Real time stream processing and data pipeline development is complex.  AgilData has been there before and will work with your team sharing known best practices, design decisions and reveal potential pitfalls to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

• Engineering transformation
• Engineering tools and processes
• Software engineering
• Deployment options, hardware, systems integration
• Tuning, optimization, hardening and monitoring
• Data continuity, normalization,
• Real-time system data integration

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Production issues keeping you up at night? AgilData expert can mesh into your technical fabric to assess your current deployment’s ability to meet the ongoing needs of your business.

• Database DBA Administration, Remote Hands DBA
• First Response and RCA for 24×7 Monitoring/Notifications
• DevOps Engineer
• Deployment tools and processes
• Performance assessment and optimization
• Application Design, Development, QA, Testing
• Application Development
• Data Warehousing

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Transformative Training Services for EXECUTIVES and DEVELOPERS needing a crash course in Big Data

• Customizable curriculum
• Onsite
• Targeted for C-Level or Development teams

– Big Data Landscape Overview (what, when, why and where)
– Big Data DevOps
– Big Data and Agile Development Best Practices
– Fast Data and Event Processing
– SQL on Big Data

• Sharded MySQL infrastructure strategies

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We’ve kept it simple for you to meter your cost in small increments to ensure you are getting the most out of our technical consulting services relative to your needs. Contact us below to discover how easy it is to work with AgilData.

• Discovery Call – 1 hour (No Fee)
• Kickstart Session – 1 day (Fixed Fee)
• Work Cycle – Daily or 2 week units

– Recurring work cycles in simple in two week intervals; exit at any time.

• Data Scientist Rate, Architect Rate, Engineer Rate

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