From MySQL to MariaDB: Monty’s Wild Ride


Ten Reasons to See Monty’s Keynote at Rocky Mountain Datacon

At Rocky Mountain Datacon, we have an incredible roster of speakers. One of them you don’t want to miss is Monty from MariaDB. If you’re unfamiliar with Monty, he’s a name you should know and here’s why:

Reason 1:
Monty founded and led one of the first truly disruptive open source database platforms that took on the establishment. MySQL, released in 1995, slowly developed into niches corporate databases could not fill.

• Why “My”

Tech Disruption

MySQL – The Real Broadband Brain

Reason 2:
Monty believes so much in a community-led projects that names for both MySQL’s Dolphin and MariaDB’s Seal logos were chosen by users.

“Sakila” the MySQL Dolphin

The MariaDB Seal

Reason 3:
MySQL was the “M” in the LAMP stack now ubiquitous in most deployments using open source technologies, including the original Facebook and WordPress, the world’s most popular website content management system.

LAMP Stack

The Software behind Facebook

WordPress Dominates

Reason 4:
Monty was involved in two of the most news making and dramatic stories in High Tech history with Sun Microsystems in 2008 and then Oracle in 2009.

Sun Microsystems picks up MySQL for $1 billion

Oracle announces buyout of Sun for $7.4 billion April 20, 2009

Reason 5:
Monty was part of driving MySQL to success despite Oracle trying to disrupt MySQL by acquiring both storage engines MySQL depended on, InnoDB and BerkeleyDB.

InnoDB, MySQL’s storage engine, bought by Oracle in 2005

BerkeleyDB, former software library for MySQL, acquired by Oracle in 2006

Reason 6:
MySQL was purchased in 2008 by Sun Microsystems as an escape from hostile takeover bids from Oracle.

Why MySQL Was Sold to Sun

Reason 7:
Oracle finally won by acquiring the struggling Sun Microsystems in January 2010, thereby inheriting/getting MySQL.

EU approves Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems and MySQL

Reason 8:
 Monty founded MariaDB in 2009, the only plug and play alternative to MySQL, while Oracle drifted away from open source community led development. Oracle soon close-sourced new capabilities that Enterprises needed for MySQL.

Oracle Makes Move to Kill Open Source MySQL

10 Reasons to migrate to MariaDB

Reason 9:
 MariaDB builds massively scalable open source database products that help people build modern software applications. MariaDB is now the “M” in LAMP, having displaced MySQL as the default database in all major Linux distributions including Red Hat and SUSE.

MariaDB guarantees it will always be open source

MariaDB raises 9M more after initial 20M funding round

Reason 10:
 Monty continues to innovate within open source, introducing MariaDB MaxScale under the Business Source License (BSL). BSL is a new software licensing model where the source code is always freely available and it is guaranteed to become Open Source at a certain point in time. Usage above a specified level in production environments requires a license until a specified date, at which point all usage becomes free. For Monty, BSL is an opportunity to change the future of open source for the better by producing more open source — even if there’s a little bit of time delay.

• MySQL founder tries a new software licensing model

• Introducing MaxScale 2.0 Beta Release

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