AgilData Zero: Zero-Knowledge Encryption for MySQL

AgilData Zero: Zero-Knowledge Encryption for MySQL Today we are announcing a new open source project for protecting MySQL databases from security breaches. The scale and frequency of data security breaches crowd the news these days and are impacting the largest brands – both from brand reputation damage and often a direct financial impact due to…

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Become a Data Driven Business With Chartio and Amazon Redshift – Part 1

Become a Data Driven Business With Chartio and Amazon Redshift: Part I Becoming a Data Driven Business starts with a solid BI strategy.  Initial findings from new MIT research show that companies with data-driven decision making environments had 4% higher productivity and 6% higher profits than other businesses did. This according to Andrew McAfee, a…

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AgilData Featured in Interview with Dan Lynn at Cloud Expo West 2015

Learn how AgilData can help you become a Big Data distributed systems expert developer overnight. Dan Lynn talks about the types of problems companies encounter when adding new data infrastructures – over time they create a polyglot architecture that inevitably slows down innovation. AgilData can help solve this problem by creating an Enterprise Service Bus…

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AgilData Featured at Cloud Expo West 2015

AgilData featured at Cloud Expo West for second consecutive year. Cloud Expo West is happening at the Santa Clara Convention Center November 3-5, 2015. In addition to our AgilData booth (#423), you can catch Dan Lynn, CEO, speaking at two sessions. AgilData Sneak Peek: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Evolve with OnDemand Schemas…

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AgilData is the new CodeFutures!

AgilData is the new CodeFutures! While start-ups come and go, success may be measured in many ways.  For numerous customers, one that powered their mission critical apps over eight years, tops their list.  CodeFutures was started in 2007 by longtime database technology developers Cory Isaacson and Andy Grove. Soon, CodeFutures had 5 of the top…

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AgilData to Advance Streaming Big Data

AgilData, formerly CodeFutures, a provider of Agile Streaming Big Data technologies, announced Dan Lynn as CEO. Lynn assumes the role from Founder Cory Isaacson, who has joined RMS and will now serve as chairman of AgilData. Lynn brings more than 14 years of advanced technology and business success experience, and will help AgilData Code build…

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